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Ramadan Breakfast Platter

Yields1 Serving

 Fettayleh Mortadella Roll
 Fettayleh Chicken Roll
 Fettayleh Basturma
 Halloumi Cheese
 Fresh Mint
 Olives (black or green optional preferably pitted)
 Lebanese Bread
 Nuts (optional to taste – almonds, cashews, pine nuts)

Prepare all of your ingredients for your platter. Slice the mortadella and chicken roll into thin slices. Cut watermelon into triangular pieces. Keep basturma slices whole or cut into desired size slices. Slice halloumi cheese. Slice cucumbers and tomatoes as desired. Serve olives, nuts, labneh and Lebanese bread as desired.


Assemble all of your ingredients on the platter in however way you would like. You can optionally serve the basturma together with the watermelon, cheese and mint.


Serve and enjoy share style!